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20 comments on “Sub Archive
  1. Ahito says:

    Hi! Could you translate Kiss Dumm ep. 21-26 and specials soon? I look forward the end of series! :)

  2. trrrr says:

    Do u have plans to release Queen’s Blade Rebellion OVA 04 and onwards?

  3. cmgarcia says:

    What version of Kodomo no Jikan – Rin’s Classroom Diary is better? I know ya’ll released a version 2 but if you had to pick one, which one would you go with? And what are the differences? (one is 1GB while the other one is 600MB)

  4. toster says:

    The v1 (600 megs) is a shareraw, the 1 gig v2 is encoded from a DVD. v2 also has some tl fixes I think? Anyway there will be a v3, since kokujin-kun is redoing all of KnJ. Should be out shortly.

  5. Pepito says:

    Hey Doutei, Will you subtitle Queen’s Blade: Vanquished Queens?

  6. SoraH says:

    Hello! Do you have any plans on doing more of Gomasen’s work?
    like the ‘Onii-chan’s Sex Course’

    • kokujin-kun says:

      Honestly, we just did that just to see how many more downloads hentai would get instead of our regular releases. And frankly, you guys didn’t disappoint :D

      So, short answer, maybe. If we’re bored.

  7. senfinbirdos says:

    can you guys reupload kodomo no jikan 1-12 raw dvd 1280×720 mp4 on to filesharing sites? i want to watch the dvd episodes of this show, but i cant seem to locates them…..

  8. ooga_booga says:

    Any chance of you guys doing the 2 High Score DVD specials?

  9. DarkElbony says:

    when you will translate the Imocho BD 1 & 2??

  10. lalatacorp says:

    I simply love you guys <3 Thank you for all <3

  11. Angeld3vil says:

    when would the to love-ru darkness ova 09 be done

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