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Last volume and batch coming out this week. Ep 9-10 Torrent [720p] Ep 9-10 Torrent [1080p] Ep 9 [720p] DDL Ep 10 [720p] DDL Ep 9 [1080p] DDL Ep 10 [1080p] DDL

One down, two more volumes to go, thanks to Mosfet for the rawrs. Ep 7-8 Torrent [720p] Ep 7-8 Torrent [1080p] Ep 7 [720p] DDL Ep 8 [720p] DDL Ep 7 [1080p] DDL Ep 8 [1080p] DDL

It was around this time last year that we released the drama CDs, and I prayed to my God that they make an animated version of this manga. But it looks like God decided to troll us lolicons with this …

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Playing catch-up now. Be patient. Ep 5-6 Torrent [720p] Ep 5-6 Torrent [1080p] DDLs Later

Indeed. Working on the rest of the volumes. Ep 3-4 Torrent [720p] Ep 3-4 Torrent [1080p] 03 720p DDL 03 1080 DDL 04 720p DDL 04 1080 DDL