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Looks like Christmas has come early for you all. Here’s some archive-quality subs that you can slap on some Crunchyroll raw, or something. OAD Torrent [720p] OAD Torrent [1080p] 720p DDL 1080p DDL

Okay, after a month’s wait, we finally got a hold of the Imocho BDMVs and can now present you with Mitsuki’s T.S.T. in all its uncensored glory. Get it while it’s hot. Ep 1-2 Torrent [720p] Ep 1-2 Torrent [1080p]

Batch torrent with final episode, for those who want to mux these subs and watch censored pantsu on the vastly superior Crunchy videos. And yes, we’re still doing the blu-rays and the extra episode. Batch Torrent Episode 12 DDL

Will “Hiyori” consummate her love with Yuuya-oniichan and make it to Heaven’s Gate? Will Mitsuki finally get over her trust issues and warm up to her stepbrother? Will Nanami ever find true love even though she’s officially a cougar? Will …

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That actually says bin kan, geddit? Torrent DDL