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KissDum Patcher

If you have our older releases of KD you can use this automatic megapatch to update them all to v2s! [link] Instructions in archive.

Kiss Dum Batch [1-26 + Episode 3.5 + OVA]

[Doutei] KissDum 1-26 + OVA [720p] Well, it’s certainly been a long ride. Can’t really say this is my favorite series to have ever worked on, but it has taught me something important about fansubbing, which is you need to

KissDum 20: Hesitation (Hero’s Corpse)

So we released the last episode on September 19 (Episode 19, September 19, geddit?), and we’re approaching the one year anniversary of our first release of this literal clusterfuck of a series with only six more episodes to go. Well,