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More loli service for you creeps, and it even comes with a commentary track. And it looks like they are starting another Mujaki no Rakuen project thanks to the sales of this disc, so stay tooned! TORRENT DDL

So we’re back to doing lolis again, and this OVA didn’t suck as much as the last one. Also added a separate note and commentary track for those who feel adventurous. Torrent DDL

It was around this time last year that we released the drama CDs, and I prayed to my God that they make an animated version of this manga. But it looks like God decided to troll us lolicons with this …

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Now that Kodomo no Jikan is gone (but not forgotten) we here at Doutei Subs were desperately looking for loli fixes that could rival that series, and we believe we found it in this respectable literary work that has enjoyed …

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