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Queen’s Blade Rebellion: Complete Batch

And we’re done with this project. We decided to just go with shareraws for the last three specials since the BD ISOs aren’t going to show up any time soon, plus there’s no reason to withhold fap material. As for

Queen’s Blade Rebellion Special 3; Amagami SS+ BD Tokuten Picture Drama

And we’re back with another Queen’s Blade Rebellion special. Branwen gets tortured by a goblin, in case you’re into that thing. And also an Amagami SS+ picture drama, in case you’re into that thing. QBR Special 3: 720 torrent 1080

Queen’s Blade Rebellion Specials 1 & 2

Can’t believe nobody did these yet. Fagsubbing really must be dead. You know the drill, grab ’em while they’re hot. DDLs are in the archives Special 1, 720 Special 1, 1080 Special 2, 720 Special 2, 1080