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So after more than a decade, the To Love-ru franchise comes to an ending that is so pathetic it could have been thought up by our beta protagonist Rito. This group has been around for nine of those eleven years, …

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Now here’s a beingrapedface to beat all beingrapedfaces. And no, don’t make that a meme. TORRENT DDL

More loli service for you creeps, and it even comes with a commentary track. And it looks like they are starting another Mujaki no Rakuen project thanks to the sales of this disc, so stay tooned! TORRENT DDL

I think this is the first OVA where I’ve seen light beams, onsen censor steam, and exposed loli nipples all in one showing. TORRENT DDL

Oh, the stuff Kentaro Yabuki gets away with in his shounen manga. Torrent DDL