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Archive Updates

Made some upgrades to the ddl section. Features less broken links and higher download speeds. Only took me half a year to fix it up ^^; Might need some tweaking tho. If you encounter any bugs or broken links drop

[Doutei] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai – 14 [OVA] + New Site

New Papakiki OVA that came with the 13th volume of the novel. It also assumes you know who this new character Shiori is, so if you haven’t been reading the novel/manga, the Takanashi girls moved back to their old home,

Site Rollback

Our last free host didn’t like us much (again). Aand I fucked up the backup script… (again). Welcome to Doutei’s site of February 3rd!

New Website

So our other server decided that we violated their terms of service and decided to boot us, so here we are. We decided to go with a blog this time, so feel free to spam us with whatever troll comments