[Doutei] Mujaki no Rakuen OAD

It was around this time last year that we released the drama CDs, and I prayed to my God that they make an animated version of this manga. But it looks like God decided to troll us lolicons with this cheaply made OVA.

We also like to take this opportunity to welcome Tili to the Doutei family and to thank him for kindly providing us with an xdcc bot (zxEsC) and new servers. Also:

>Imocho BDs fucking when?!!

We’ll get to the rest when the BDMVs become available.

Edit: Had to do a v2 because we used the wrong raw.

480p v2 Torrent

Magnet link

480p v2 DDL

6 comments on “[Doutei] Mujaki no Rakuen OAD
  1. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the release – been waiting for this!

  2. jon says:

    saikin BD next volume when ?
    gr jon

  3. dae-kun says:


  4. terrain182 says:


  5. animaniac says:

    are you doing 2nd ova for this ??

    was released Aug 28, 2015

  6. ke says:

    I was wondering about OAD 2 also. It looks like there is Ohys-Raws but no sub so far.

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