[Doutei] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai – 14 [OVA] + New Site


New Papakiki OVA that came with the 13th volume of the novel. It also assumes you know who this new character Shiori is, so if you haven’t been reading the novel/manga, the Takanashi girls moved back to their old home, and then the next-door-neighbor girl finds out that they are (gasp!) living with a man. Cue your misunderstandings, clearing the air, and subsequent unrequited puppy love, and this is where we’re at.

We also fucked the dog with the karaoke, so that means no effects and, oh my gosh, the colors don’t always match the background! Yes, I know, let me hold your hand while you recover from the shock.

Also, apparently the domain name “maidlab.jp” just up and died and we were left without a website for a little bit, so change your bookmarks to http://www.doutei-subs.net

6 comments on “[Doutei] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai – 14 [OVA] + New Site
  1. toster says:

    also works w/o the www in front — for some reason I really don’t like typing that.

  2. Bear Powell says:

    Any chance of you guys doing a release of all of Papa Kiki so we can have a good BD copy of the series?

  3. toster says:

    I thought rori took care of that?

  4. Gyaradosu says:

    Thanks! But where is the download link?

  5. Eternal_Blizzard says:

    OAD 2 out :^)

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