[Doutei] To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 10, Plus Farewell (for now)

So after more than a decade, the To Love-ru franchise comes to an ending that is so pathetic it could have been thought up by our beta protagonist Rito.

This group has been around for nine of those eleven years, but with the fansub scene as dead as it is right now, it looks like it’s time to hang up our hats and declare ourselves officially inactive. This website will stay up for another year or so, and we might come back to do a project that would particularly catch our interest (Mujaki no Rakuen series when?).

But other than that, we’re calling a spade a spade and calling it quits. Thanks to everyone who have supported us all these years.


12 comments on “[Doutei] To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 10, Plus Farewell (for now)
  1. anony says:

    I’m not going to cry. More news at eleven.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fucking rip

  3. cHi says:

    i just hope u do Masou Gakuen HxH, but well. see ya

  4. Carlos says:

    Thank you for the great work you’ve done over the years! P.S. Could you check the ddl server? It’s not letting me download anything =/

  5. Leviathan13 says:

    Thanks for the years of work!

  6. ThisGuyOverThere says:

    Thanks for the subs.
    A question though, how come the resolution is only 576p? Most OVAs from TV series only have 576p releases. OVAs should come on BDs so 1080p should be available.
    This is really confusing. Cause making the effort to sub something but release it with a much lower res than you could makes no sense, but on the other hand discs will always have 1080p and if even TV airs at 1080 I can’t imagine anyone airing an ova would air that at a lower res than what they have.

    • Leviathan13 says:

      This was bundled with the manga and released as DVD only. That is why the 576p only.

      • ThisGuyOverThere says:

        Completely irrelevant as in this case only the filesize matters and since DVDs can hold 4GB but even at 1080p a 25 minute episode will only be over 1 GB if the bitrate is 3 times as high as need for an anime with a lot of action and 5 times as high as needed for one without that much action.
        And even then, there would be a lot of space left.

        Are really ALL OVAs that come bundled with manga 576p? That sounds pretty retarded.

  7. Fan says:

    Thanks for everything guys!

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