Kiss Dum Batch [1-26 + Episode 3.5 + OVA]

[Doutei] KissDum - 26 [720p][9F674DF1].mkv_snapshot_22.36_[2013.04.06_13.10.36]

[Doutei] KissDum 1-26 + OVA [720p]

Well, it’s certainly been a long ride. Can’t really say this is my favorite series to have ever worked on, but it has taught me something important about fansubbing, which is you need to be well read. Yes, we started off doing this series not knowing that it front-heavy with H.P. Lovecraft references, especially in the Necrodiver moves, so most of the v2s in this batch are fixes done to reflect that. Once again, thanks to everyone who has been patient with us so far and we hope you continue to support us in our future projects,whatever they may be.  Patches will come later.

18 comments on “Kiss Dum Batch [1-26 + Episode 3.5 + OVA]
  1. DmonHiro says:

    So uhm… which episode 26 is in this batch?

    • toster says:

      Both. 25 = old 26, 26 is BD ep 26.
      They renamed all the episodes in the BD…. and they removed the old episode 4 to make room (which we labeled 3.5)

  2. merrro says:

    Man, don’t know when I stopped watching this, but it feels like ages (probably is). Thx for the batch.

  3. kissdum says:

    tnx Toster for the batch^^

    btw are you planning on picking up a new show?
    example eureka astral ocean ?

    gr kissdum

  4. Rob says:

    Thank you very much..

  5. Ahito says:

    Thank you very much :D

  6. Asm says:

    Finally! Thanks a ton, guys!

  7. EdmondN1 says:

    Finally :). Thank you very much, guys !

  8. dragonscape2 says:

    Been trying to dl this for a couple days now dl speed rarely breaks 20kB/s with over a 100 seeds this is real strange is there a way to get a direct dl since the seeders aren’t seeding properly

  9. Laov says:

    Wow you actually completed this! I had my doubts but well done guys! Well done! Thank you ;)

  10. Apofis says:

    Thank you very much :D

    Btw Do you now what is that song in episode 26, 11 minutes, when Noa get to the Necroworld?

  11. Apocalyptic Raver Mice Girls says:

    Thank you, it really pleases my inner assburger to be able to finish this =)

  12. Ejder says:

    Can some one seed please i need this.

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