KissDum 20: Hesitation (Hero’s Corpse)

Noa haz a sad

So we released the last episode on September 19 (Episode 19, September 19, geddit?), and we’re approaching the one year anniversary of our first release of this literal clusterfuck of a series with only six more episodes to go.

Well, if you can’t wait for us, there’s always Hadena.



11 comments on “KissDum 20: Hesitation (Hero’s Corpse)
  1. pepperoni says:

    Is there any shot of Doutei in subbing Rinne no Lagrange OVA? No one seems to want to sub it…

    • kokujin-kun says:

      Hopefully Crunchyroll hasn’t completely destroyed fagsubbing and one of the crunchyrippers – I mean fagsub groups – will get around to actually finishing what they started.

      • pepperoni says:

        Unfortunately Commie has stated they won’t be doing Rinne OVA thus it has yet to be translated. Although Commie just released a Arata naru Sekai Mirai-hen OVA a non-crunchyroll rip (I think).

  2. Rob says:

    Thank You Very Much…

  3. Melina says:

    Hadena doesn’t even seem like they’re going to finish this series, it still stalled at Episode 23 since March 30.

  4. james says:

    Is there any chance that you would continue subbing Amagami SS plus specials? Saw episode 7 came out, so hope u guys can continue the work =)

  5. noko says:

    >Well, if you can?t wait for us, there?s always Hadena.

    There are just some things which you shouldn’t joke about.

  6. shion says:

    Please Sub KissDum Episodes 21 – 23 BD releases

    we don’t need Hadena!

  7. kira says:

    6 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. laovniux says:

    3 months and no episode… Are you really doing this? :V

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