11 comments on “KissDum 20: Hesitation (Hero’s Corpse)
  1. pepperoni says:

    Is there any shot of Doutei in subbing Rinne no Lagrange OVA? No one seems to want to sub it…

    • kokujin-kun says:

      Hopefully Crunchyroll hasn’t completely destroyed fagsubbing and one of the crunchyrippers – I mean fagsub groups – will get around to actually finishing what they started.

      • pepperoni says:

        Unfortunately Commie has stated they won’t be doing Rinne OVA thus it has yet to be translated. Although Commie just released a Arata naru Sekai Mirai-hen OVA a non-crunchyroll rip (I think).

  2. Rob says:

    Thank You Very Much…

  3. Melina says:

    Hadena doesn’t even seem like they’re going to finish this series, it still stalled at Episode 23 since March 30.

  4. james says:

    Is there any chance that you would continue subbing Amagami SS plus specials? Saw episode 7 came out, so hope u guys can continue the work =)

  5. noko says:

    >Well, if you can?t wait for us, there?s always Hadena.

    There are just some things which you shouldn’t joke about.

  6. shion says:

    Please Sub KissDum Episodes 21 – 23 BD releases


    we don’t need Hadena!

  7. kira says:

    6 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. laovniux says:

    3 months and no episode… Are you really doing this? :V

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