Mujaki no Rakuen Dorama CD


Now that Kodomo no Jikan is gone (but not forgotten) we here at Doutei Subs were desperately looking for loli fixes that could rival that series, and we believe we found it in this respectable literary work that has enjoyed top sales on Amazon and has ranked as high as 19 on the Oricon list. Once again, like in the KnJ dramas, we put the audio and subs on top of a slide show of illustrations from the manga, which might give you the impression that you are watching a full-length anime episode, so enjoy!

[Doutei] Mujaki no Rakuen Drama CD, Vol. 1 – Operation Escape From Paradise [FBBB5213].mkv



[Doutei] Mujaki no Rakuen Drama CD, Vol. 1 – Hiding in Paradise [D3ECBE3C].mkv



2 comments on “Mujaki no Rakuen Dorama CD
  1. Name says:

    Could you reseed the Kodomo no Jikan drama CDs?

  2. Lolicon says:

    Vol 2 when?

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