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So our other server decided that we violated their terms of service and decided to boot us, so here we are. We decided to go with a blog this time, so feel free to spam us with whatever troll comments you can think of. In b4 “Kissdum 20 fucking where? D:” [email protected], go bug him.

6 comments on “New Website
  1. twedayy says:

    When does the rest of Kiss Dum come out? I really dont wanna watch hadenas version of this

  2. toster says:

    20 @ koku (tlc/edit) if that makes you feel any better ^^

  3. Gadget says:

    Thanks for translating the Amagami SS+ specials.

    Are you doing the last one (not the Valentine’s Day picture drama) that has the two guys having a conversation about VD ?

  4. shion says:

    I will always wait for KissDum 21-26 to be subbed :D

    KissDum is really very good Anime.

    also Please sub OVA too :)

  5. zach8012 says:

    Really enjoyed your work on Souten Kouro. Any chance of you doing Saikyou Bushou-den Sangoku Engi? Commie dropped it after the first episode.

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